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I Kosarju K.D.V. Prasad started the institute named Sneha Academy.
As per my observation, many secondary school students don't have even basic knowledge. I came to know the lack of primary knowledge not only in secondary students but also in Inter, degree and PG students. When I examine the students of different schools are there without any basic knowledge and I understand the pathetic condition of students with fear, nervousness and lack of confidence in students. I was shocked and advertised in the Hindu Daily on July 2003 with the caption "2nd to 10th Maths doubt only tow days" for every fortnight in a year. Thousands of pamphlets were distributed all over the district.

The condition of those students made me start teaching for discontinued and frustrated students and I encourage and guided them to continue their studies and succeeded them to settle in their career.

But at present more than 70-80% of the students are in the condition unwilling to learn. "Genius are not born they are made" Unfortunately without any basic knowledge in lower classes the students are being promoted to higher classes and are struggling a lot. This leads to suicide attempts, getting addicted to bad habits which ultimately lead to spoiling of their career.

Many of us speak about present educational system and many problems faced by students without finding solutions to rectify. Our Good bricks foundation will make you think and gives you complete knowledge by analyzing student's standard and develops them with in hours or days.

It became possible for us with experience for decades. It takes much time to eat raw sugarcane completely, but when it is crushed and converted into juice it takes less time comparatively. In the same way we feed the knowledge to their class standard within hours.

The candle gives lighting till last second of its life in the same way students are getting promoted, certified and creating employment to others by losing health and wealth.