"The clay gets molded to our way, in the same way the students mould by the way we teach."

Knowledge Base


If you are thinking about your children. Think not once but hundred times. It is not a small concept of thinking about your children. If at all you think that you are losing money it is not really the money that you are losing but your child's pleasure and treasure.

  • The person who doesn't know swimming how can he swim back when we leave him in the river, in the same way the student who don't have basic knowledge how can he/she reach his/her goals and how can he/she survive in his/her life.

Think whose fault it would be
The teacher?
The School?
The Parent?

  • If the farmer can’t yield a good crop in the fertile land, whose fault it would be

The farmer? or The Land?

  • Million years ago the people use their mind to think, but now the students are very lazy because they are feeling in such a way that they would strain if they think.
  • The student should be proud through his knowledge, self confidence, good character and good knowledge with improving life style but not with the false prestige
  • Dear Parent,
    Think a while Is your child a good student? All are scoring above 90? But how many are really successful in their Career?

  • A tree which grows in our garden, gives fruits got sterile after 15 years how would you feel? In the similar way the student get useless after studying for 15 years.

  • In the past, our Indian education system gave vast knowledge and made many scholars but at present the student is becoming lazy, inactive and coward because of unawareness of parents.

  • A shepherd listening to the radio starts singing; a roadside painter painting advertisement boards learns to write without any knowledge. A lorry driver loses his concentration when he continuously drives for 2 or 3 days.

  • Similarly the reading, writing and restless learning timings leads to students mind block.

  • In the research & experience of thirteen years the failure of students is mainly due to:
  • Education always provides self confidence and courage to ourselves but now a days the education providing us only the fear, nervousness and lack of confidence.
  • As per past the Indian education provided more knowledge to the rest of the world-But toady education?

In the research & experience of thirteen years the failure of students is mainly due to

  • Parents are not fully knowledged & their innocence
  • False prestige’s ,proudness
  • Irresponsibility’s of fathers and their work stress
  • Irresponsibility of school management
  • Government policies
  • Misuse of modern technology & environment